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Best AC Technicians Summerville

Summerville HVAC is the best air conditioning repair company in the area. We not only deal with AC repairs but also deal with furnace installation and repairs. Our air conditioning repair company is reputed and is renowned all over the Summerville.

If Problems such as these appears then consider that your AC is facing a problem:

  • Have you heard strange noises coming from your air conditioner?
  • Is your ac blowing warm air?
  • Has the ac fan stopped running? Are your ac coils frozen?
  • AC unit not cooling but it’s running all the time?

Our experienced staff is facing these types of repairs for years and are getting 100% results. We here in our heating and air conditioning company, we deal with all kinds of minor to major AC Units and also huge plants that support the Air conditioning system for the whole building. We not only have the staff to tackle your problem but along with that we have the experience, our staff members are working in the field for years and we don’t think that any sort of situation can surprise them now. When you call us we can understand the situation that you people are suffering from so we try our best to sort out this situation as quickly as we can so that you can get back to your old routine. From broken ac compressors, to a quick recharge of freon, we’ve got you covered. Call our HVAC company today for all of your air conditioning repair needs from Summerville, to Ladson, to Goose Creek, to Charleston, and all the towns in between.

Most Common AC Repair Problems:

Although as the AC’s tend to get old, they provide technical minor problems from time to time which are easily fixable but the problems for which you have to keep your eye open for is as follows:

  • Freon Leak:

Freon Act as a battery pack for the AC’s. They are like their oxygen i.e. for them to run perfectly they need freons. For your AC units to be effective it must coupe with the heat in the room i.e. convert the hot air into the cold air, dehumidify the air and also circulate the air within your home. Freons if tend to leak can cause major issues like in-effectiveness, performance loss etc. On normal days if you see water droplets with your AC Units then you have to call us immediately to save yourself from a major loss of both money (spent on equipment).

  • Frozen Coils:

If filters of the AC are dirty or blocked then they tend to gag up the coils and cause them to freeze up. If you feel that your AC unit is not performing well then visually check for the ice along the evaporator section after shutting AC down and if you see some then call us immediately because if you delay it then ultimately you have to change the whole Units assembly.

  • Sensor Problems:

AC Units are controlled by sensors but if they tend to get dirty or possess any technical fault, you will notice immediately because at that moment the sensors will either stop responding all so ever or they tend to act on their own. Under these circumstances, you have to call us to save your AC from burning up because if the sensor gets damaged then in such cases AC’s tend to work on their own and the sensors then will be giving hundreds of commands together which can damage the IC of the AC.




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