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Everyone wants to make his or her lawn more beautiful, stylish and lavish. If you also want to make your lawns beautiful then you can enjoy our services. Our sod company offers the best workers to help you. We can solve your all problems. If you want to install sod in your living area then you can avail of our services in a minimum time.

It is our responsibility to serve you with all the best services. We provide sod installation services, proper sprinkling/irrigation system services and landscaping design services. We provide you complete guarantee about the working procedure of our workers. If you are facing any issue or if you want to install sod in your homes then you are the right place. We are known for our trustful services.


Sod installation services

We provide you many so installation services. You can choose which type of sod you want to install in your lawn such as Bermuda, zoysia, Bahia and Seville. We provide all these sod installation services. We can install a type of sod according to your desired place. Sod installation is a time taking investment. You need to invest your amount once. However, if you do not care about the maintenance then it needs to reinstall again. The cost of sod installation is reasonable for everyone.

Landscaping design services

We offer landscaping services through which you can make your lawn more beautiful with different designs such as walkways, fire pits and artificial turf. It is important to make your lawn more beautiful because it attracts everyone. If you are looking for new and unique landscaping designs then you can contact us. It is our priority to serve you. We provide landscaping design services in residential areas for your ease.

Sprinkler /irrigation system services

We offer irrigation system services through which you can maintain the freshness of your lawn. It helps to make your lawn beautiful and gives it a lavish look. We also provide services if you are facing any irrigation system problem. Sprinkling water is the best option for healthy grass. Your lawn needs an adequate amount of water to maintain its beauty.  If your irrigation system is not working well such as a broken sprinkle head then it can reduce the amount of water distributed in the lawn. We also provide services to repair or reinstall your irrigation system.

Hardscaping services

We also provide many hardscaping services through which you can enhance the beauty of your lawn. Our works provide you complete guidance about the procedure. You can ask for help if you are facing any problem in hardscaping designs. We offer different kinds of hardscaping designs to make your lawn a garden look. If you want to install sod or landscaping designs then Sod Company helps you at any time.

About us

We are working for many years in Tampa, Lutz, Carolwood, Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, Odessa, Madeira beach and in nearby areas. You can contact us through email if you want to avail of our services. Our sod company helps you to provide all the facilities. If you are facing then sod installation problem then we can help you.

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